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Fir Tree

Fir Tree

The fairy tale story of the littlest fir tree

About this video


KIDOONS is happy to bring the "Fir Tree" Story, a must read Christmas Classic for all ages, adapted from Hans Christian Andersen's original tale. The story introduces us to a little fir tree that is very eager to grow up! He's embarrassed to be the baby of the forest. He dreams of becoming big and beautiful enough to be a Christmas tree! One day, he's finally picked by a family and decorated for the holidays. He enjoys the  festivities, but they end quickly and he is put away onto the street. Disappointed, the little Fir Tree realizes he should've appreciated living in the forest and getting to experience Christmas; he learns the importance of living in the present moment!

Read the full story and don't miss playing the fun "Fir Tree" dress up game that lets you design your own Christmas tree!